Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I imported a bunch of footage yesterday and put some of my favorite clips together as a short video.

A bit of background on some of the clips:
-This clip of Gil (and the later one) are from a group conversation about what do we value at CRIC House, how do we decide on what we as a group value, and how do we show it/tell others, etc.
-Benno put part of a melon rind on one of the goat's heads, the goat's name was Goat-Face-Killah or Isau I believe
-Phixx doesn't live at GVV but has a workshop there, here he's riding a contraption that he got from a friend.
-The 4 Bells/Mourning Meeting board where we write what needs to be done each day and who is cooking meals.
-The larger field at the farm during the summer.  The corn is pretty tall, and just about everything that I pan over to on the left is tomatoes.  LOTS of heirloom tomatoes!
-The CSA Boxes that are made up of produce from the farm!  They include carrots, lettuce, beets, pears, watermelon, kale, chard, tomatoes, radishes, squash and lots of other things.
-A pot of tomato soup/sauce made from tomatoes from the farm.  Lots of sauce and soup was made from lots of tomatoes!  Pan over to the CRIC Kitchen and Brown Room
-Gil and Marissa eating dumpstered food
-People dressed up for the White Trash Drag Halloween Party
-Gil @ Values Discussion (see above)
-Pat lived and worked at CRIC/GVV for a while
-Xander was giving Josh a tour of CRIC, they're headed toward the Humming Barn and Compost
-The solar oven and tomatoes sun-drying
-Lunch!  CRIC has 3 communal meals a day, so this may look like a lot of people at a meal to you, but it's pretty standard or even small at times. 
-Goats!  These goats are GVV's, CRICsters help milk them twice a day.

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